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The Ultimate Car Paint Chip Repair you need!

A car’s paint work is like its skin, it is a big part of its essence. Its beauty is largely dependent on the quality of paint work it has on.

This is why even with small paint chips, people decide that there is a need for a car paint chip repair to keep their car’s paint work on point.  It can be a struggle to keep your car’s paint fabulously brand new and chip free all the time especially with uncontrollable factors like stones, UV rays and temperature change hence the advantage of a good car paint chip repair.

Preservation and Correction

When it comes to car paint maintenance, there are two things that come to mind as an option, preservation and correction.

People often try their best to preserve the exterior finish of their car. However as mentioned earlier, there are uncontrollable factors which might alter the beauty of the car’s exterior finish and this is where correction comes in. ( We have talked about how to repair stone chip’s previously if you’d like to check that out. )

Opting for a Full-body Paint Work Correction? Not so fast…

Some people may opt a full-body paint work correction for their car paint chip repair solution but rarely is this the case. From years of experience in the industry, it can be mentioned that most car owners encountered prefer doing the correction around the area of the car paint chip.

This can be due to two main reasons namely:

  1. They don’t have the luxury of time to wait for a full-body paint work especially those that need to get around often.
  2. They wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money to have a small paint correction done for them.

Our solution? Dr. Color Chip’s Car Paint Chip Repair Kit!

Both these problems can be addressed through the breakthrough technology of Dr. Color Chip’s chip solution. It does not take more than a couple of minutes to dry completely and the car paint chip repair can be done by you at the comfort of your home, at your most convenient time. It also does not cost much and is much cheaper than going to a shop to have a car paint chip repair . A small car paint chip repair can range from AU $200.00- AU $500.00 while Dr. Colorchip’s chip repair kit does not even cost half of that.

Who wouldn’t want to skip the hassle of dropping of your car at the shop, picking it up after a couple of days, and paying a hefty amount for the car paint chip repair done? We’re sure we would!

Dr. Color Chip’s Car Paint Repair kit- a fast, easy, hassle free, reliable system for all your car paint chip needs. Grab one of our kits today and try it out yourself!

Still having second thoughts about ordering? Check out the video below and see the quality of car paint chip repair achieved with our kit:

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