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Dr ColorChip’s Easy-to-use Stone Chip Repair Kit

Dr. ColorChip is an Australian branch of Dr. ColorChip USA, licensed distributor of genuine Stone Chip Repair products. Our corporation is created by experts who have worked for several years in the automotive detailing and paint touch-up industry. With their experience in the industry, they have thought of and created a better and easier-to-apply solution that everyone, even novices can do. And thus, an improvised high quality paint chip repair product and process was born, creating a faster and easier repair for stone chip damages.

With our equipment, you can easily repair any damages on your car paint. You do not have to be an expert since our user-friendly repair kit can be performed easily. All you have to do is follow our two-step process and your car will be good as new in no time.

Our car chip repair kit is intelligently prepared to provide effortless yet quality repair for your cars. And since our repair kit can be applied in an instant, you can use your time in a more important task. Here is our two step repair process that everyone can follow using Dr. ColorChip’s, complete chip repair kit.

  • Use our brush to dab your car paint then smear it with your thumb to smoothen the paint not causing any blobs. You can repeat the process until you are finally satisfied or until the chip is adequately covered. After you have smeared it properly, let the paint dry for a minute. You can also use a squeegee to quickly address hundreds of tiny chips at once.
  • After applying and smearing the paint, use our blending solution to remove excess paint. Use a piece of soft t-shirt rag to apply the solution with then lightly rub it over the excess paint. You will notice the paint blending away as you pass the cloth on it. After you have finished applying the solution, use a soft terry cloth or a microfiber towel to buff off the residual solution which will also give your car paint an amazing shine.

It will take a week for the process to take on full effect, yet you still do not have to worry as you can expose your car to water and the paint applied is also dry to touch.

Dr. ColorChip’s stone chip repair kit is the simplest yet the fastest repair you can have at a very affordable cost. Cover the chip and give your car an amazing shine with Dr. ColorChip’s stone chip repair!