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Dr. Color Chip Easy and Cheap Stone Chip Repair Kit

Dr. Color Chip is the best place to find smart solutions for your stone chip problems. Dr Color Chip is a product retailer of amazing and easy to use stone chip repair kit, with the formula produced and created by our experienced and expert founders, Dan McCool and Bill McLean.

Dan and Bill have worked for years in an automotive detailing and touch up industry. With their experience, they thought of an easier way to repair stone chip damages using their gained knowledge and were able to produce an amazing repair kit that can be used even by individuals who do not have experience in touch up repairs. These cheap repair kits are great for traveling and it is very easy to use.

If you have ever experienced paying a little too much for the repair of a little stone chip, then you might have been ripped off! Everybody is saying that they need and require professional repairmen just to be able to fix stone chip damages, but not anymore! With Dr. Color Chip’s paint chip repair kit, all you need to do is to follow three easy steps and you will have your car paint chips repaired and fixed in no time!

Dr. Color Chip’s founders knew the difficulty and how annoying it is when there are stone chip damages in your cars, that is why with their great minds they created a product that will be very effective and yet easy to use. The stone chip repair kit is all that you will need to fix the damages of your car paint and it would only require you 3 steps to fix the damages. Here are the three steps:

  • Dab – Dab the car paint with a brush.
  • Smear – Smear with your thumb lightly to smooth the paint across the chip.
  • Remove – Remove the excess paint using our amazing blending solution. Apply it using a soft folded cloth.

With these three steps and our repair kit, your stone chip car paint damages problems are over. No more stone chips, no expensive repairs, and definitely no paint blobs! Our stone chip repair kit has a long lasting effect and can be permanent, making your car paint well protected from future stone chip damages. Our repair kit is available at our shop, just search for Dr. Color Chip or contact us at