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Amazing chip repair solution you should try!

Following unfortunate events that result in paint chips, we become desperate at finding the right chip repair solution. There are a couple of chip repair solutions out there.

The leading chip repair solution in the market is Dr. Color Chip for many reasons. Here are some:

No sanding needed!

Unlike other solutions that require you to use sand paper, Dr. Color Chip doesn’t. There’s no sanding involved so you don’t risk damaging the paint further.

No paint rubbing needed!

Unlike other solutions which require you to rub paint on the chip which can be tiresome, Dr. Color Chip requires you to simply drop a small amount of paint on the chip and run through it with the sponge included in the kit.

No surrounding paint affected.

Unlike other solutions which work by taking part of the surrounding paint to cover up the chips which may result with the paint around the area becoming dull, Dr. Color Chip’s system fills in any chip with the specific paint for your car. Hence, you don’t have to worry about risking the chip’s surrounding areas in becoming dull and unpolished.

No polish needed!

We must credit some systems that include polish to seal any repair that was made. Although the idea is thoughtful, what if you are trying to touch up a paint chip in a car that’s general polish has become dull.  After applying the other system’s polish on the spot you are trying to cover up, you end up with one spot on your car’s paint shinier than the other areas in your car paint attracting even more attention to the area. We’re sure no one would want that.

No need to wait long!

Unlike other systems that take a whole week to get the chip fully covered up and unnoticeable, Dr. Color Chip’s system uses quick-dry technology making it possible to patch up any chip overnight.

The best part though about Dr. Color Chip’s system? It would be the fact that you don’t need assistance in using the chip repair kit. You just have to follow the instructions included in the kit. Any individual, even without any car paint experience, can get their car paint chips fixed.

It doesn’t get any better than that! So what are you waiting for, grab your own Dr Color Chip’s scratch repair kit now!

To see how our chip repair system works first hand, check out the video below:

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